Merry Christmas, 2021

It’s harder to feel joy these days, I’ll be honest. I realize I just posted about an amazing holiday that … More

Tenerife, Oct 2021

Our first trip to Tenerife was nothing short of amazing. After 18 months of COVID lockdowns, we were willing to … More

Why I resurrected the blog

In short, I’ve largely left Facebook. I found myself endlessly scrolling and not getting any value too often. Either my … More

Scritti Politti!!

I never thought I’d see them live… ever. Then they toured full performances of their landmark album Cupid & Psyche … More

Summer Harvest

A pics of the garden from the summer of 2021. Mabel did better than she thinks, especially given a broken … More

The Allegory of Zeniff

Background I arrived in the mission field at the end of September 1989, excited and ready to go. My mission … More