Merry Christmas, 2021

It’s harder to feel joy these days, I’ll be honest. I realize I just posted about an amazing holiday that many people haven’t been able to take. I’m extremely fortunate, and truly grateful. This doesn’t alter the general malaise and numbing created by nearly 2 years of a largely antisocial life. If there’s one thing I think we’ve learned as a species in this pandemic, it’s that we long for connection. We are not just inherently social animals–we’re built to build each other up.

That makes the Christmas season all the more important to remind us about the ultimate gifts we’ve been given–the power to live forever so that these relationships that mean so much to us can continue to grow and enrich us all, and secondly the ability to change, to become our best selves. Both of these gifts were given 2000 years ago, and we still feel the effects today. If we allow ourselves to.

Merry Christmas

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