Kelpies: Which shot is your favorite?

If you’re a photographer anywhere in the central belt of Scotland, you’ve taken shots of the Kelpies of Falkirk: 30m sculptures by the motorway halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The 2nd of January, and I was looking for something to go shoot right at sunset… time to get MY Kelpie snaps!

An overview of the area if you’ve never been

Have a look at the six that I ended up processing and tell me which one you like best using the vote after each photo. Feel free to give a thumbs down for any that you don’t like. I’m honestly interested.

At early dusk
Duke at sunset
Dark zoom of Duke’s nose
Night Kelpies
Light for Barron
Mini Barron in foreground

Thanks for the feedback!


  1. I was surprised when I clicked on Dark Zoom as to how detailed the picture was. Very impressive. The contrasting colours in each photo emit a different feel to the whole photo.

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