I’m just full of advice

Mom and all, (1/23/90) I’m going to preface this first paragraph with a comment about the appearance it gives of … More

Back to Work

Mom and all, (1/9/90) Preface to this first paragraph: I’d just seen the Berlin wall come down, and was witnessing … More

New Year’s Reflections

Mom, Dad, and sisters, (1/4/90) Things are good, now that I’m over the flu. It’s been a productive week or … More

First Christmas

Mom, Dad, and sisters, (early Dec 89) We’re out of a slump, though I think Christmas has more to do … More


This first letter is a clear example of what we call in the mission field "Elder-itis", only I was too … More

Roller Coaster

A good couple of letters illustrating the ups and downs of missionary life. A lack of success can send Elders … More


Back to the mission letters… after a month of smooth sailing, reality started to settle in. (10/31/89) Mom, Rough week. … More