Why I resurrected the blog

At Fiona’s 21st birthday dinner, Edinburgh

In short, I’ve largely left Facebook. I found myself endlessly scrolling and not getting any value too often. Either my friends had stopped posting much at all, or what they were posting made me want to argue with them, and that just never leads anywhere good. The whistleblower from October 2021 was the final straw. I’m not leaving completely, but certainly going to reduce the ads they serve me, which is apparently the only thing that motivates them.

So, I know this feels so 2005, but I’m going back to blogging where I can moderate comments, but still get out my adventures to friends and family. Also, I can have complete ownership and control of the photography I post here. Maybe even sell some, who knows?

Feel free to leave comments where I enable them. I’ll likely post a link to a blog post or photo gallery on social media from time to time, because I know some people are there. Just don’t expect me to be scrolling through the feeds looking for your stuff.

The older content you’ll find here was ported over from when I was blogging back in the day. I was transcribing the letters I’d sent home from my LDS mission for a while, so you’ll see some of those. (May or may not go back to that project… ) Some old digital “Christmas letters” and a few political ramblings.

Going forward, expect to see mostly travel reports and new photo galleries. Keepin’ it light. I’ll kick it off with a post about our trip in October to Tenerife.


  1. What? You’re not going to post political memes mocking one side or the other? I think that’s what Facebook is for: Russian propaganda.

    Good for you my friend. Lots of blog software can post updates to social media so you can drive traffic to your blog if that’s your thing.

    Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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