Merry Christmas, 2008

Time to sum up another year… and as I say every year, what a doozy.

Chris had quite a bit of fun this year representing work at conferences in Orlando, LA, and Sydney, Australia. But he also had a little scare recently as his job at Microsoft became a bit uncertain, and at a time when jobs aren’t very plentiful even at Microsoft. Long story short: he’s just accepted a new position within Microsoft. It’s an interesting project, working on “enterprise social software.” Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say about the project at the moment, but for now, it’s just about connecting Microsoft employees together. Chris also attended his 20-year high school reunion. It was good to reconnect with some good friends.

Mabel has finished her first novel–the first of three–which she has had a lot of fun with! We’re looking for an agent at the moment, but we’re certain that its going to be harder and more time consuming than actually writing the book. We’ll be sure to send everyone the link to the Amazon entry as soon as it’s there. We’re all very proud of her, and quite amazed at how much is pouring from her imagination. The second book is just two chapters from reaching Chris’s editing desk, and she has the outline for the third book ready. Many of our friends are enjoying having a read of the three manuscripts we had printed and are looking for themselves in all the characters.

Alec grew at an insane rate this year, and is currently 5′ 10″ – nearly as tall as dad. He seems to always be surrounded by his friends, and usually a swarm of girls, which he doesn’t mind in the least of course. He really enjoyed Especially for Youth, and the 4-wheeling and roller-coasters on our family vacations, but this was probably his last year at Scout Camp. He’s also enjoying high school quite a bit. Alec’s long-term thinking right now is being a lawyer. It is true that he can argue almost any case, usually his own. He has also grown quite a wide variety of taste in music: from The Killers to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and then to Bob Marley and back to the 80’s with Journey and Huey Lewis. Chris gets a kick out of him trying to master old Rush tunes on “Rock Band.”

alec 9th grade rebekah 4th grade fiona 2nd grade
School Pics (9th, 4th, and 2nd grade)

Rebekah has developed a love for reading, especially Roald Dahl, has become a very good swimmer, and of course still loves to sing, sing, sing. She’s growing up so fast, is growing her hair out, spending more time in front of the mirror in the mornings, and is tinkering with mascara… much to daddy’s dismay. Rebekah alternates her career aspirations between rock star and veterinarian. With all of her energy, we’re sure she can be whatever she sets her mind to.

Fiona is getting baptized just before Christmas, and has been counting down the days for months. It’s going to feel like a milestone to have “the baby” baptized. She continues to develop her natural artistic talent, has neater handwriting than either of her parents, and is also enjoying her swimming, having recently moved up to Rebekah’s class. She likes shopping with mom these days, and still thinks she might want to use her art talents to either be a fashion designer or to draw characters for cartoons or movies.

Of course, there was other family news this year. There’s our great Disneyland and Oregon vacations, but you can get all the details of those here:

Mabel’s mum hasn’t beaten her cancer, and Mabel is flying out to see her again right after Christmas. We will miss her again, but we’re glad that she can be of service and spend some quality time. We love our gran, and pray for her every day.

We hope all is well with you and wish you all the best in these crazy and troubling times. We still hold out hope of course, founded in the Reason for the Season. May His Spirit give you some peace.

Love from Chris, Mabel, Alec, Rebekah, and Fiona

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