San Diego, Grammy’s Birthday

IMG_2707A nice, relaxing day with Grammy. A lazy start with great pancakes and fresh California fruit, and then to the USS Midway, now a museum in San Diego harbor. Beautiful day for it – I got a little toasted on top. We rode the flight simulators and Fiona got pretty freaked out by my gentle banks and turns. Alec and Rebekah were doing flips though. I guess we know who will not be doing the roller coasters at Disneyland. The boat was fascinating for me… saw Dad’s ship (Blue Ridge) in the radar room on a list of ships and call signs. Fiona asked to pose with who she called a "pilot" – turned out to be a Spanish naval officer.
IMG_2725Then we took Grammy out for her birthday to a great Mexican place. Met Jim and Carol there and we had good food and good laughs. Then back to Grammy’s for strawberry shortcake. Wow we’re stuffed.

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